Beat the Bird!

West Bromwich Albion Foundation visited us today for a whole school sponsored penalty shoot out competition. We were really excited to meet Baggie Bird!

We did our good waiting so each of us could take some penalties. We cheered and clapped for our friends showing just how kind we are to each other.

We had lots of fun showing off our superb football skills!

Top Gardeners

ARP1 have had a wonderful afternoon in the glorious sunshine undertaking gardening maintenance in the allotment area. The children were shocked to see how many weeds had grown over the winter.

The children discussed the names of the equipment we would need to use to tidy the area.

“Noah needs gloves!” said Noah.

Oskar used a trowel to dig the weeds up.

Zachary asked “What’s this?” and picked up a gardening fork. He also used a hand held rake to check the soil for weeds after he had finished digging them up.

After digging and pulling up all the weeds, Aiman enjoyed transporting the weeds to the bin.

Once the allotment was clear, the children discussed what they should plant in it.

“We should sprinkle some seeds now” said Noah.

“Carrots” signed Carlo.

“Tomato” signed Logan.

The children planted carrots, raddish, lettuce and tomatoes in pots and have put them inside the classroom where it is warm enough to start them off. We will plant them out when the weather is warm enough for them to grow outside too.

Marvellous Maths…

In Butterfly class this week, the children have been recapping numbers to five.  To understand how numbers work, it is very important for us to look deeply at how numbers are connected.

We began by ordering numbers to 10 using lots of vocabulary that the top mathematicians use!

“1, 2, 3, 4……5 is next, 5 is one more than 4, 5 comes after 6. 6 comes before 7, 8 , 9, 10”.

After singing 5 little speckled frogs, we deepen our understanding of the number 5 by using jumping frogs. The frogs like to jump away which test our subtractions skills.

Carlo showed with his fingers that when he has five frogs and one jumps into the pond, he has 4 left. He uses the equipment to show he is right.

We can also use five frames to represent the number 5.

In Ladybird class this week, the children recapped numbers to 5 and began learning all about the number 6 in lots of different ways, here are just a few:

Freddie says “weee, it’s a 6!” as he watches the marble move along the roll and write number. The children use sand to ‘feel’ the number formation as they write it. This will help them remember it when they come to use it in their work.

I know that “6 is after 5, 6 is 1 more than 5, 6 comes before 7”. We show our understanding by talking about where the number 6 is in a number line.

I can find the number 6 and rescue people! The children took it in turns to rescue people by using their good listening skills to help the helicopter land on the correct number.

The children enjoy counting different objects and showing their understanding of the value of the number 6.

By using teddies, we investigated the part, part, whole model. The children divided the teddies between the two ‘part’ sections to see what combinations they could find.

We know it’s really important to deepen our understanding of numbers to 10 and that number bonds to numbers below 10 are key to us being able to understand bigger numbers.

Disco Stars

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th December, our parents were treated to our Christmas extravaganza….Lights, Camel, Action!

The children thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating what they had learned about the Christmas story through music and dance.

ARP1 joined forces with Nursery to become Disco Stars who shined their lights very brightly to lead the way to the newborn king.

The children were asked which of the songs were their favourite:

Oskar said “I like Camel Funk”.

Logan used the dance moves to tell us he liked ‘Spread the Word’.

Carlo used the dance moves to tell us his favourite song was ‘We Must Travel Home’.

Zachary said “Away in a Manager” was the one he liked best.

Noah liked dancing along to “Disco Star!”.

Our Disco Stars have worked extremely hard to learn the words and the signs for all of the songs – we are extremely proud of them all!

Cracking Chefs!

Over the past few weeks, our budding chefs have enjoyed discussing and using vocabulary associated with cooking. They have made some delicious creations inspired by the Stick Man text we have been looking at this half term.

Here is just a snippet of what fun the children in ARP1 have had whilst cooking!

Stick Man Bread

“I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’M STICK MAN, that’s me!”

Julia Donaldson, Stick Man

After identifying and naming the equipment and ingredients needed to make bread, the children used scales to weigh out the flour. They then measured the warm water using a jug and poured it into the flour along with the yeast.

Next, they took turns to mix the ingredients together before taking a piece of dough each.

They used their hands to kneed the dough until all the ingredients were combined.

Finally, the children created Stick Man shapes and placed them on a baking tray. They smelled delicious once they had been cooked! The children were very proud of their creations and took them home to show their families.

Swan Nests

“A twig” says the Swan, “this twig is the best! It’s the right kind of twig to weave into my nest!”

Julia Donaldson, Stick Man

Stick Man can’t live in Swan’s nest! The children decided they should make a nest for the Swan so Stick Man could be freed!

They crumbled shredded wheat using their fingers and enjoyed the texture of it.

“Woah it’s like twigs!” said Noah

Once it had been crumbled the children tried to stick it together using blocks of chocolate. It wouldn’t stick. How could we make the shredded wheat stick together?

“Melt it” said Zachary

It worked! The melted chocolate helped the shredded wheat stick together and the children were able to make nests for the swan.

They found it interesting to watch as the solid chocolate melted when it was heated and turned into a liquid but once it was put back into the fridge, it became a solid!

The children shaped the nests and added marshmallow swans before putting them in the fridge to set. They were so proud to take them home to show their families at the end of the day.

Ice Cream Sundaes

“He tosses and turns ’til the frolicking foam, washes him up on a beach far from home”

Julia Donaldson, Stick Man

Phwoar! It’s so hot on the beach Stick Man! What better way to cool down than by eating some ice cream.

The children used their good talking or communication books to request items for their ice cream sundae.

They began by scooping their chosen ice cream into a cup.

They then tried different fruits to add a healthy element to their sundaes, tasting and describing what they thought of the fruit.

“Yuk!” said Freddie after touching pear.

“I like it!” said Oskar when eating some nectarine.

“Woah! It’s slippy!” said Noah when handling the pear

Carlo asked for “more pear, more pineapple and more peach”.

“Bad!” signed Logan when trying pear.

Aiman handled the fruit and placed it back down on the table.

After adding a sauce and some sprinkles, the children enjoyed trying their creations.

Observing changes over time

Over the past few weeks during our time in the woods, we have had lots of fun observing seasonal changes.

By taking part in fun activities we have noticed that the leaves have started to change colour and fall from the trees.

Leaf printing…

This week, we were challenged to collect some leaves to do some leaf printing with.

We used paints in Autumnal colours to paint the leaves before pressing the them down onto paper.  It was exciting to see what happened when some of the colours were mixed and what pattern they left behind! We will use these leaves in a display in the classroom.

Carlo noticed that the “leaves” were “green” and “brown”.

Logan noticed that some “leaves” had “fallen” to the floor but most (“lots”) were still on the “trees”.

Lantern making…

During another visit to the woods the children made lanterns. Through this activity, the children noticed that the trees looked different and that lots more leaves had fallen to the ground!

Aiman found “yellow leaves”, “orange leaves”, “brown leaves” and green leaves” to make her lantern.

Making a hedgehog picture…

During our last visit to the woods before half term, the children noticed a huge difference!

Noah said “look at all the leaves on the floor”.

Oskar noticed that the leaves were “yellow and orange” and that lots of “brown leaves on the floor”. He also noticed that they were “wet!”.

We discovered that throwing the leaves up in the air and watching them float to the ground was great fun!

In addition to this, each week we keep ourselves safe by reviewing our woodland rules before we go off to do our tasks. One of our friends proudly recalled some of the rules and confidently announced them to the group! Well done!

Welcome to ARP 1


Welcome to ARP 1’s blog. We have spent the past few weeks settling into our class and new routines, and have been working hard on our social skills, making friends and co-operating with one another.

Come back soon to see what wonderful things we have been up to.