Salt Dough Critters

Hello again everyone, I hope you have had a fun week at home and are staying safe and well. This week it has been a bit wet and rainy outside, so I decided to do an indoor mini beasts activity. I made a batch of salt dough, and used it to make my own minibeasts. This is how I did it.

First I measured out 2 containers of flour. I used a small yoghurt pot to measure as flour is a bit tricky to find in the shops at the moment, but this amount of flour made plenty of dough. Then I poured the flour in to a large bowl.
Then I measured out 1 container full of salt and added it to the bowl.
Next, I measured one container full of water and added it to the bowl.
Then I used a fork to mix the ingredients. When it got very tough I had to use my hands to push it together to form a dough.
I turned the dough out on to the work surface and kneaded it until it became smooth and easy to work with.
When my salt dough was ready, I used it to make my minibeasts. I decided to make a worm, a ladybird, a bee, a butterfly and a caterpillar, but you can make whatever minibeasts you want.
Now I am going to leave my minibeasts to dry, but you can put them in the oven at 140C if you want them to dry quicker. How long they take will depend on how big and thick they are, so keep an eye on them.

Minibeasts Summer Project.

Hello everybody! I hope you are all okay and staying safe at home. Last week, we put a new project on the Home Learning section of the website for the summer term, all about Minibeasts.

You can on this link to view the summer project.

There are lots of ideas on there for activities you can do all about minibeasts. I thought I would try some of them out too. This week I made a small minibeast house. You could try this at home, using an empty milk carton. some lollipop sticks and some sticks you can find in the garden, or if you go out for a walk near your house.

Image preview
First I found an empty milk bottle and gave it a good wash so it wasn’t smelly.
Then I cut the milk bottle in half. I had to use a sharp knife so it is definitely a job for a grown up helper.
I turned the milk bottle on it’s side and started filling it with sticks. I used sticks of different shapes and sizes to leave different size gaps for insects to hide in.
When I had filled my milk bottle with sticks, I placed it in my garden. I put it by a plant that attracts a lot of bees and other minibeasts.
My dog Truffle came to see what I was doing. We will have a look next week to see if we have got any visitors.

I would love to see what minibeast activities you have been up to. You can comment on the blog, or send pictures of what you have done to:

Please put my name in the subject line so it gets to me.

Take care and have a fun week,

Miss Kindon 🙂

Welcome to ARP 1


Welcome to ARP 1’s blog. We have spent the past few weeks settling into our class and new routines, and have been working hard on our social skills, making friends and co-operating with one another.

Come back soon to see what wonderful things we have been up to.