Release Day

Hello everyone,

The butterflies have been fluttering around the butterfly farm for a few days and we have really enjoyed observing them…

They have enjoyed taking nectar from the flowers and fruit that we have given them.

Did you know that if the weather is too cold, butterflies cannot feed or fly? It’s really important that the temperature is above 12°. I checked the weather prediction for today and it was going to be quite warm in the afternoon. We decided that today was the day!

Carefully, we carried the butterfly farm to the garden and found a safe spot where they could be placed. They will need somewhere to rest, drink some nectar and test their wings before they get ready to fly away to find somewhere to lay their eggs.

I thought that the butterflies might like to get some nectar from these pretty flowers. This type of flower is called ranunculus.

I will be sad to see the butterflies fly away but watching them test their wings whilst they were getting ready to fly gave me an idea to be able to remember them for a while longer! I thought I would make some of my own butterfly wings and collect some natural objects to decorate them.

First I found some paper, a pencil, scissors and some PVA glue.

Then, I drew the shape of the butterfly wings on the paper and cut it out using the scissors.

After that, I took the wings and the PVA glue into the garden and found some flowers that I could take a few petals and leaves from without hurting or damaging them. You would be best to ask an adult which flowers and leaves are safe for you to use when doing this activity.

I put the glue on the wings and arranged the petals and leaves so that they looked pretty.

This will help me to remember my butterflies now that they are flying free! I’m going to put it on my fridge so I can see it often!

Usually, I would talk to you about naming them on release day…but because we can’t be together at the moment, I haven’t named them. I wonder if you could help me? What should we name them? Please comment on the blog or send your suggestions to me by emailing

Stay safe and have fun with your families this week 🐛🦋🌷🌻🌼❤️

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