Beautiful Butterflies

Hi ARP1,

There was a lovely fluttering sound this morning in the butterfly farm! Something exciting had happened….

Our first butterfly has appeared!

The red liquid looks like blood, but it is not. The liquid is left over from inside the chrysalis when the butterfly was a caterpillar. It has a special name – meconium. So don’t worry, the butterfly is fine, it just doesn’t need it anymore!

Over the next few days, another two butterflies appeared.

You know how much inspiration we find by watching the caterpillars and butterflies, so this week I thought it would be good to make something to show the butterfly life cycle using things that were already in the house.

1. First, I found a kitchen roll tube and cut it slightly to make it smaller. This is going to be the chrysalis. You could always papier mache a bigger chrysalis if you are feeling extra creative!

2. Next, I painted the tube to look like a chrysalis by looking at a photo and mixing some paints to make the colour I needed.

3. Whilst the chrysalis was drying, I found some paper and drew some butterfly wings and cut them out. I used a peg for the body.

Here are some other ideas of things to use when making a butterfly.

4. After that, I needed to make a caterpillar. I drew some circles on some green paper and stuck them together to make a caterpillar, then decorated them using pens.

Here are some other ways to make a caterpillar.

5. Finally, I put them all together to show the life cycle of a butterfly.

In goes the caterpillar……

Out comes the butterfly!

In goes the caterpillar. Out comes the butterfly

Everything that was used for the craft this week were just things that I already had in the house. Use your creativity to find things to use to make yours!

We hope that you will try and have a go at this, we would love to see some photos of whatever you do this week! Please email them to

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s butterfly update!

Stay safe and have lots of fun with your families this week,


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