Comfy Chrysalis

Hello everyone!

Something very special has happened to the caterpillars! Would you like to see? ….

The caterpillars have formed their chrysalis!

The caterpillars formed their chrysalis at the bottom of the tub this time, I am not sure why! Can you remember from the last caterpillar blog what ‘frass’ is? It wouldn’t be very nice for the caterpillars to be on it whilst they were in their chrysalis, so they were scooped out very carefully using a plastic spoon and placed on some kitchen roll at the bottom of the butterfly farm.

Usually, they climb to the top of the tub and use their silk to attach themselves safely to the lid before they start building their chrysalis.

Once they are safely attached, they shed their caterpillar skin and make their chrysalis. Once it is formed it will keep them safe as they hang very still whilst the magic is happening inside.

Here is a close up of a chrysalis, it is very intricate!

Even though the caterpillars haven’t attached themselves to the top of the tub and are now on the bottom of the butterfly farm, they will be OK and will still go through the changes as normal. It’s an exciting time now, no one knows exactly when they will emerge so I will need to check on them everyday to see whether the butterflies have made an appearance!

Waiting for them takes a long time, so we needed something to keep us occupied. We thought it would be fun to have a caterpillar race with my children! It was such good fun! Have a look at the photos below to see our race!

Would you like to have a go with a member of your family too? They were really easy to make, you will need some paper, scissors, straws and pens or pencils. We didn’t decorate ours, but you could if you wanted to!

Here is a link to a video that will show you how to make a caterpillar to race with:

Keep in touch, we would love to hear what you have been doing at home with your families, and if you make a caterpillar please do send in some photos so that we can see!

Please send any photos to

Keep your eyes peeled for more caterpillar updates next week!

Stay safe and have lots of fun with your families this week 🐛🦋🌷🌻🌼❤️

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