Top Gardeners

ARP1 have had a wonderful afternoon in the glorious sunshine undertaking gardening maintenance in the allotment area. The children were shocked to see how many weeds had grown over the winter.

The children discussed the names of the equipment we would need to use to tidy the area.

“Noah needs gloves!” said Noah.

Oskar used a trowel to dig the weeds up.

Zachary asked “What’s this?” and picked up a gardening fork. He also used a hand held rake to check the soil for weeds after he had finished digging them up.

After digging and pulling up all the weeds, Aiman enjoyed transporting the weeds to the bin.

Once the allotment was clear, the children discussed what they should plant in it.

“We should sprinkle some seeds now” said Noah.

“Carrots” signed Carlo.

“Tomato” signed Logan.

The children planted carrots, raddish, lettuce and tomatoes in pots and have put them inside the classroom where it is warm enough to start them off. We will plant them out when the weather is warm enough for them to grow outside too.

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