Marvellous Maths…

In Butterfly class this week, the children have been recapping numbers to five.  To understand how numbers work, it is very important for us to look deeply at how numbers are connected.

We began by ordering numbers to 10 using lots of vocabulary that the top mathematicians use!

“1, 2, 3, 4……5 is next, 5 is one more than 4, 5 comes after 6. 6 comes before 7, 8 , 9, 10”.

After singing 5 little speckled frogs, we deepen our understanding of the number 5 by using jumping frogs. The frogs like to jump away which test our subtractions skills.

Carlo showed with his fingers that when he has five frogs and one jumps into the pond, he has 4 left. He uses the equipment to show he is right.

We can also use five frames to represent the number 5.

In Ladybird class this week, the children recapped numbers to 5 and began learning all about the number 6 in lots of different ways, here are just a few:

Freddie says “weee, it’s a 6!” as he watches the marble move along the roll and write number. The children use sand to ‘feel’ the number formation as they write it. This will help them remember it when they come to use it in their work.

I know that “6 is after 5, 6 is 1 more than 5, 6 comes before 7”. We show our understanding by talking about where the number 6 is in a number line.

I can find the number 6 and rescue people! The children took it in turns to rescue people by using their good listening skills to help the helicopter land on the correct number.

The children enjoy counting different objects and showing their understanding of the value of the number 6.

By using teddies, we investigated the part, part, whole model. The children divided the teddies between the two ‘part’ sections to see what combinations they could find.

We know it’s really important to deepen our understanding of numbers to 10 and that number bonds to numbers below 10 are key to us being able to understand bigger numbers.

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