Observing changes over time

Over the past few weeks during our time in the woods, we have had lots of fun observing seasonal changes.

By taking part in fun activities we have noticed that the leaves have started to change colour and fall from the trees.

Leaf printing…

This week, we were challenged to collect some leaves to do some leaf printing with.

We used paints in Autumnal colours to paint the leaves before pressing the them down onto paper.  It was exciting to see what happened when some of the colours were mixed and what pattern they left behind! We will use these leaves in a display in the classroom.

Carlo noticed that the “leaves” were “green” and “brown”.

Logan noticed that some “leaves” had “fallen” to the floor but most (“lots”) were still on the “trees”.

Lantern making…

During another visit to the woods the children made lanterns. Through this activity, the children noticed that the trees looked different and that lots more leaves had fallen to the ground!

Aiman found “yellow leaves”, “orange leaves”, “brown leaves” and green leaves” to make her lantern.

Making a hedgehog picture…

During our last visit to the woods before half term, the children noticed a huge difference!

Noah said “look at all the leaves on the floor”.

Oskar noticed that the leaves were “yellow and orange” and that lots of “brown leaves on the floor”. He also noticed that they were “wet!”.

We discovered that throwing the leaves up in the air and watching them float to the ground was great fun!

In addition to this, each week we keep ourselves safe by reviewing our woodland rules before we go off to do our tasks. One of our friends proudly recalled some of the rules and confidently announced them to the group! Well done!

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